Cycle 200 miles in June

Get on your bike, get fitter and do something amazing in support of wounded veterans and their families this summer. Use any bike you like. Cycle solo or part of a team. Change the distance if you need to. The important thing is to get moving, get fit and help our heroes!

How to get started

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Share your challenge

Share your page with family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. The more you raise, the more you’ll be motivated to go the distance for our heroes!

Get on your bike in June

Share your stories, photos and tips with your fellow cyclists come June. Just use the #HeroesRide200

Why cycle?

Bike riding is fun, healthy and great for boosting physical and mental health – as many of our veterans know!

Pedal power can:

  • increase cardiovascular fitness
  • increase muscle strength and flexibility
  • decrease stress levels
  • strengthen bones
  • decrease body fat levels
  • prevent or help management of disease.

Cycling is a big cog in the wheel of our Sports Recovery Programme - recumbent and hand bikes mean even those with severe injuries can join in and ride together in recovery.

Who you're helping

“Cycling has become a medicine for both my PTSD and Behçets symptoms. I genuinely cannot stress how powerful it has been in my recovery.”

In 2020, Clare cycled 1000 miles in 14 weeks. Eight years earlier, this would have been unimaginable.

Often confined to her bed with unexplained, debilitating symptoms, Clare was eventually diagnosed with Behçets Disease; a rare, chronic condition which affects the blood cells. Suddenly unable to enjoy the active life she once thrived on; Clare found herself in a ‘very dark place.’

Alongside this, a harrowing experience from her Army career haunted Clare and triggered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Reaching out to Help for Heroes, Clare received support from our Hidden Wounds and Sports Recovery teams. They helped confront her PTSD, reignite her passion for sport and set her off onto her cycle path to recovery. 

While it takes strength to serve in the Armed Forces, it takes a different kind of strength to live life beyond injury. Together, we can help wounded veterans and their families find the strength to thrive.